Online stores for sale

Advantages of online stores

Ready-made online stores achieve a monthly income of 2K to 40K US doller

Do you want to enter e-commerce and sweep the market if you start from where the others ended and do not start from scratch, today we offer you a golden opportunity to buy ready-made electronic stores integrated with strong and required products and have been tested that work with the drop-shopping system that sells to all parts of the world in both Arabic and English and achieve a monthly income Excellent, ranging from 5 thousand to one hundred thousand riyals per month. These stores are a great opportunity to profit from selling products and sweeping the market because you start from a strong point and do not start from scratch, and since the stores operate with the drop-shopping system, there is no fear of accumulating your products or the trouble of sending them to customers, all of that It is done automatically by the supplier, and thus relieves you from storing the products and sending them to customers and ensures that you will not lose or accumulate products that get involved in their disposal later. All you have to do is enter the store at the end of the day and press the purchase orders button for the incoming requests to send the purchase order to the supplier And he sends products to customers without any burden on you, and you devote yourself to making profits from sales. It’s that easy, just market your store and you will see huge sales, and you know, dear, that the reason for the wealth of Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon and c Ak Mac, the owner of the Alibaba website and many others, is the same principle of selling products using the dropshipping system, which these ready-made, distinctive and powerful multi-lingual stores achieve for you, achieve a monthly income and sell to all countries of the world at any time, so you do not sell to Saudi Arabia and the Arab world, but rather Sells to all countries of the world. Look at the huge market size that you will reach and the customers who number in the hundreds of millions, and therefore the success rate is very high. Just make some effort in marketing and leave the rest on the store. Among the advantages of these online stores are:

All of its products are in the drop-shopping system, which means that they are sent from the supplier to the customer directly without your intervention

The existing products are very strong, of high quality and required, and have been tested and ensured for success

In addition to dropshipping products, you can also add products that you already have, if any

Multiple languages for stores in both Arabic and English

A wonderful design suitable for browsing with mobile phones, computers and iPads

Top-rated suppliers for product quality and fast delivery

The ability to pay by all payment methods – mada cards – credit cards – bank transfer – Apple Pay

Browse products in more than one currency – Saudi riyals – US dollars – euros

The possibility of adding an unlimited number of products from other suppliers in all fields

Very fast opening of the site from any browser

The possibility of adding an unlimited number of products, sections and sections within sections

The displayed stores are friendly to motors so that if you type their name it will show you number 1 in Google

Application to manage the store from the mobile or iPad to control the advantages of the store

The possibility of purchasing for visitors without opening an account, and the possibility of opening an account also for the customer

The stores are up and running and you get monthly sales that increase according to their marketing

Each store has a powerful search engine that searches for any product by placing any word in the product description, and it will extract the product for you

Some stores have social media accounts followed by thousands of interested people, sold with the store

The entire store control panel with the ability to modify, add and delete any product or content is very easy

Design, management and technical support 24 hours a day from an American company that specializes in support and hosting for the dropshipping system

There are many other advantages that cannot be mentioned that take you to the first place in e-commerce

What do we offer you if you buy the store?

In addition to buying a distinctive ready-made store and generating sales, we also offer you a free online video course after purchase that shows you how to manage and modify your store, so you know how to use the store and it becomes easy for you With our stores, you start from the top, not the bottom. Knowing that you are dealing with an official Saudi institution accredited in commercial services and electronic commerce. Store prices range from 16 thousand to 2 million riyals, each according to its advantages and market strength. Most of the stores do not want their owners to display them publicly for sale, as they work and have their customers. Therefore, if you want to buy a store, all you have to do is send us a message on the attached mobile number and give us the category you target and your budget for purchase, and you will be provided with the appropriate stores for the category you target. Lucky for those who find stores like these ready and equipped and began to sweep the world of e-commerce.Order your store now, as this may be the opportunity that changes your life for the better. We wish you a profitable trade that brings you the financial freedom you want.


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