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Advantages of Marketing

Photographing the property from the outside and the inside


Writing a full report on the property highlighting the buyer's most important advantages.


Customize a phone referral to inform customers of your property

We allocate a phone transfer 24 hours a day without interruption to explain the advantages of the property or project for a month.

An illustrative map for the buyer showing the most important services near the property

Which enhances the desire to buy the property.

Presenting your property to the serious and interested customer only to reduce the waste of time

It shows the buyer in an attractive way the advantages of your property, as only 90% of those serious about buying come to you from us.

Make a video about your property with audio and video

Which shortens your questions and brings you work while he does what he buys.

Customize an entire page for your property on our website

A full page about your property that includes a full description of your property with all the details included with a video explaining to it in sound and image and with a referral for direct contact.

Search for potential buyers for your property and send their details to them


Preparing a report on the investment benefits of your property

If your real estate or project is an investment, then we prepare a list of investment advantages for it, which makes the business make a decision to buy while he is confident of what he buys.


Bronze package

999 SR

Silver Package

1999 SR

Gold package

2999 SR

Diamond Package

3999 SR


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